Tips to Recharge Your Creativity


Creativity is the ability to create something, sometimes out of nothing. It can come randomly and it can also be an everyday thing. Sometimes, we find an overflow of it.

Other times, we can go for days, weeks, even months stuck on a project and unable to move forward to something new. But sometimes you can help give it a push…

Below are some few tips that can help recharge your creativity.
  1. Exercise

    Tips to recharge your creativity

Get up from your computer, music studio, whatever your creativity and go for a jog or a walk…this is a great way to clear your mind. Get away from traffic and noise, go to the beach or some type of green space and connect with your surroundings. Stretching your muscles is a fantastic way to clear your mind. In removing excess energy, you will in turn remove excess baggage from your mind.

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  1. Seek out a mentor or an apprentice

Tips to recharge your creativity

If you’re just delving into a new artistic form and are hitting barriers or roadblocks, a mentor is the best thing to move you forward. If you are an apprentice, you are getting the benefits of working with someone who has years of experience.

  1. Share your work with someone new

Tips to recharge your creativity

Let someone new experience your work. Just one person, seek out one of your friends or acquaintances who you have never personally shared your work with and ask them if they would like to see or hear or taste something new you have created or even something old. Get their feedback. Take an interest in their art or interest as well.

  1. Find a new form of art

Tips to recharge your creativity

It is good to keep your focus on your specific craft, but the benefits of having another form of art to nurture may surprise you. Many creative souls easily find a niche within more than one form of expression without spreading themselves too thin.

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  1. Break your routine

Tips to recharge your creativity

Take a weekend off from your work but don’t do what you would normally do with your free time. Visit a botanical garden or go visit a friend you haven’t seen – somewhere far enough that it’s at least a 2 hour drive. The drive itself may prove inspirational.

What do you do to recharge your creativity? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.