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Decide to be a Leader

Most times the first question that pops on the mind of people when told to think like a Leader is “What do I do now?” The first step after making the decision to be a leader is all about mindset. The right question after making the decision is “How should I think now?”

This now opens you up to a whole new world of learning. One of the skills learnt by every true leader is to grow and learn continuously. You need to equip yourself with the mindset and knowledge for leadership success. As a leader you should combine your personal competencies with others into a smooth functioning set of skills that can outplay or outshine your competitors in business.

The highest goal you can have for yourself is to become a LEADER. Which means to become an outstanding man or woman who is looked up to, admired and respected by the people around you. A powerful and focused mindset is the root of all successes. It can do more than help you rise to the top of your career.

Leadership qualities that help you build an effective team are learned qualities that require tremendous determination and persistence to maintain. But they are possible with repetition and practice and they will put you on that self-mastery position you will be so proud of in the end.

The key to learning these skills and finding success as a leader is CONTROL.

There are 2 Types of Control;

  • External Locus of Control: These group of people;
  1. Do not feel in control or out of control.
  2. Feel little power to shape their own life.
  3. Feel controlled solely by external factors like health situations, society etc.
  • Internal Locus of Control: These group of people;
  1. Feel very much in charge of his/her life.
  2. Able to decide what they do or don’t do
  3. They don’t feel obligated to what others want or expect.
  4. More proactive outgoing and self-confident.
  5. They become leaders in every area of their lives.

Therefore, as one who aspires to be a leader, you have to build your internal locus of control. This will help you become a powerful, confident and take-charge leader.

There is a direct relationship between the acceptance of responsibility and control. If you accept responsibilities in your life, then you will feel a better sense of control over your day-to-day life.

4 Scenarios of a true leader that will help discover responsibility and power;

  • A leader never makes excuses if things go wrong or if he or she drops the ball occasionally. Instead a leader says, “No excuses, I did it, or I didn’t do it, but I have no excuses.”
  • A leader doesn’t complain about people or situations which is basically a sign of weakness. When a leader is not happy with the situation, he or she does something about it and takes action. If the leader can’t take action, he or she accepts the situation and moves on.
  • A leader does not criticize others. If someone makes a mistake, the leader discusses it with that person, agrees on a course of action and gets back to work.
  • A leader does not blame other people or circumstances for their current situation. Leaders accept responsibility and get busy doing something to fix the problem.

You see, learning these skills will build you and help you become a responsible person.

Action Point: Say to yourself “I am Responsible”

When you say that, you become calm, clear and positive once more.

I personally repeat this to myself every day. It reminds me that I am responsible for my own success.

Leaders are not born, they are made – Brian Tracy

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