Maximize Your Talent; You Have All It Takes.



Maximize Your Talent

We may not live a drunken life, we may not commit adultery or fornication, and we may not steal or commit the usually spoken-against or visible sins. However, we may find ourselves in hell for one easily forsaken reason. A reason you may never think or have thought about.

Some people will successfully land themselves in hell for the non-utilization of their God-given talents. And this is very serious.

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Jesus spoke about a parable in Matthew chapter 25. It’s the parable of talents. I am sure quite a lot of us have come across this story one time or the other. But am not sure a lot of are giving it the commensurate consideration heaven expects.

Let me start by saying that the parables of Jesus Christ are coded stories that are a depiction of the eventual happenings of the things of heaven. And for any person who has heaven as his or her final destination, Jesus’ parables should be considered seriously.

One of the servants was given 5 talents and he gained 5 extra. Another was given 2 and he gained 2 extra. And then, one person was given one talent and he ignored his talent. What was the ultimate punishment? Follow me to Matthew 25:30 ‘And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

That to me is the picture of hell.

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Some people will find themselves being cast into outer darkness not because of any filthy and immoral behaviours but because of the non utilization of their talents. God is a great business man and HE is profit minded. God will not entertain excuses for the great talent or talents he has deposited in you.

The grave yard is usually spoken of as the richest place on earth. The grave indeed is rich not because of the rich manure present because of the decomposition of flesh and bones, it because of the burial of unused talents of men.

The church of God is filled with super abundantly endowed people who just lie idle and do nothing in particular in service to God and to humanity. Beautiful voice not heard but are idling in the church, fantastic teachers not yet seen but hibernating in oblivion.

There are so many people who appear to be gainfully employed today, but what they do at work has nothing to do with the God-given talent God has given them. The only thing keeping them at their places of work is salaries.

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They have monthly meal tickets, but no inner peace ticket. Their pockets are full, but their destinies not fulfilled.

There are people who are today lawyers, who the world has certified legal practitioners but whom God’s certification upon their lives speaks of singing. There are people who are medical doctors today, but God’s talents in their lives speaks of administration.

Whatever you do (no matter how profiting) if it has no connection with God’s treasures deposited in you, you will answer before God on the last day. No person will be spared on the last day who wastes God’s talents.

This call is for you to wake up from your sleep of idleness and non-service. The whole world is waiting for the manifestation of your God given talents. Waste no time again. Emerge as that profitable servant that God has made you.

If this message has touched and blessed you. Then, you need to be a channel of blessings in return to others by using your own talent to bless the world.

Till I come your way again, I want you to be a reflector of His Divine image, a carrier of his power and an ambassador of the righteousness of Christ in this sinful world. Remain blessed and bye for now.

Idowu Oluwayinka


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