Dressing; Is God interested in how I dress?


Text: 1Corintians 14:40; Let all things be done decently and in order.

Today’s message is one that is a little sensitive as Christians from different denominations based on doctrinal differences may have varying perceptions about the way a Christian should dress.


There are unending concerns begging for answers on how a Christian woman and man should appear.

Can a Christian woman wear trousers? Can a Christian use lipsticks? Is it a sin for Christians to use jewelries like wrist watches, neck and hand chains, earrings and other body accessories?

All of these concerns I pray that the Holy Spirit will make clear and convict us appropriately in Jesus Name.

Christian Dressing

In the first place, it is important to establish the truth that Christianity is not just a religion, but way of life.

By way of life, I mean a pattern of life, a culture that is centered around the Spirit of Christ.

Whilst I believe that culture changes from time to time, I also believe that the principles of Christ remain the same.

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So, if the bible does not say it expressly and clear cut as it is in our times and generation, the Holy Spirit is available to teach us all things.

The first principle of Christian dressing is moderation and decency.

While Christianity allows people to exercise their power of choice, choices made by Christians should not be an abuse to the principles of Christ.

Your dressing as a child of God should not violate the principles Christ stood for.

It is very wrong for a Christian woman to dress with sensitive parts of her body exposed for all to see.

Nowadays, we see women with shirts and skimpy skirts exposing their breasts and other sensitive areas of their body and people judge it as normal.

Some call it fashion, some say it is the trend, but we Christians say it wrong.

Indecency and nudity are forbidden when it comes to Christian dressing.

Some ladies even confess and say that they are dressing to kill.

Guess what!!!

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They are right. They have succeeded in killing so many people by way of their dressing.

A Christian woman does not dress to kill, a Christian woman dresses to cover her body and to reflect the glory of God.

A Christian man does not sag his trousers showing his under wears. It is a satanic style of dressing. It is not from God.

I have also been asked if a Christian woman can use lipstick, weaves, jewelries etc?

This is my take on this matter.

Truth be told, lipsticks, weaves, trousers are things that evolved into the present day culture and were never in existence during the biblical times.

While some denominations believe that weaves and lipsticks and trousers are items manufactured from the pit of hell and should never be found around a Christian, some other denominations are flexible and neutral about it.  But I so much believe in the power of the conviction of the Holy Spirit on this matter.

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If the Holy Spirit convicts you about the use or disuse of this items, you had better respond to His dictates.

There are people whom the Holy Spirit have convicted to abstain from sex  or certain foods perhaps because of the call of God on their life or ministry, but that doesn’t mean that if other persons who engage in legal sex or eat such foods, they have sinned.

It all boils down to what the Holy Spirit convicts you off.

By and large, while Christian dressing forbids nudity and preaches decency and moderation, we must always remember that: it is not what we have on the outside that defiles us, but what we think in the inside.

The real beauty of a Christian woman is her inner beauty and not the costumes that we see on the outside.

I speak based on the level of conviction I have received from the Holy Ghost.

Till I come your way again…

Oluwayinka Idowu

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