Isaiah_9:6  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

birth of christ

I am so excited and filled with joy for we have finally arrived at the season. The season that is saturated with peace, joy and good tidings.

As you drive and walk around the streets, as you watch the television and listen to radio stations, it is common to hear jingle bells rigging. Not because someone is getting married, but because someone Mighty was born.

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It is very common this period to see people adorning themselves with colours of green, red and white; this period, shopping exercises increases with many supermarkets predisposed to giving seasonal discounts. Gifts items are being given to friends and loved ones and there is a sudden outburst of celebration.

And just before we wind down on the festivities, like the wise men from the east would inquire; you also may want to ask what is peculiar to this season.

If this is your question, I am glad to inform you that this period is the time set out to commemorate the birth of the Saviour of the whole world.

It is the period set out to celebrate the historic even of God Almighty sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save the masses.

This period is generally known and celebrated all over the world as Christmas.

It is about Christ and His unfailing love for the masses. Hence, ChristMAS Historical debaters may argue that Christ was not born in December. Well, I actually do not care about that. Whether he was born in October or December is not the nucleus of the matter for me; that should also not be a challenge to you as well. The weightier matter is that Christ was born to save the world and that for me is the big deal.

It is not accident that Children in school are on holidays this period. It is not happenstance that great companies are wounding up operations this period. It is a conscious and deliberate act when workers programme their annual vacations around this time and as surely as the Lord tarries, government of many nations shall take the initiative to allow people to rest for this period. All these will happen because it is the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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One of the objectives in today’s message is to enlighten and educate men how to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years, we have observed and experience has shown that many people celebrate Christmas the wrong way.

Before now, there had been cases of excessive eating and over indulgence in alcoholism resulting in drunkenness.

Don’t get me wrong, eating and celebrating during Christmas is not bad, but excessive eating and drunkenness is not encouraged and should be avoided.

Gluttonous eating and drunkenness in themselves are sinful activities and should therefore not be associated with Christmas. Christ did not die so you also can die due to wild and uncontrolled celebrations.

While there may be plenty rice and chicken and drinks from friends, loved ones and family members, ensure that you eat moderately and healthily.

Secondly, Love was the motivation behind the coming and the death of Jesus Christ for humanity. Christmas therefore is a time that calls for sober reflections to appreciate what the Lord has done for us and to extend the same love to our neighbours.

Celebrating Christmas with hatred in your heart for your neighbours is celebration in deceit. You cannot be celebrating Christmas and still be keeping malice and grudges with people around you. In such hateful state, even if they gave you food and drinks to eat, you will not be free to accept such. Therefore, if there is anyone who has trespassed against you; at home, at work, in church, in business, with the mind of Christ in you, I encourage you to forgive all so God can also forgive and bless you.

Christmas is the time for joy and good tidings, not a time for resentment and grief.

Thirdly, in the spirit of Love and giving, Christ expects us to share our belongings and resources with others who do not have.

If all you do this period is procure food and cloth items just for you and your family, in the Spirit of Christ, I can confidently tell you that you are not doing enough. Christ our saviour expects us to share items with others.

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May I suggest that out of the things that God has blessed you with, it will not be unwise to get some monies, foodstuffs and other materials to share with others who do not have.

There are many widows, orphans and motherless baby’s homes, prisoners who really need your love and attention this period. There are those who are emotionally hurting and financially stressed that require our support this period. There is no better time to remember them than now.

This Christmas shall be merry for you my reader. The Lord shall bless you this period and beyond. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God.

And till I come your way again, I want you to be a reflector of His divine Image, a carrier of His power and an ambassador of the righteousness of Christ in this sinful world. Remain blessed and by for now.

Idowu Oluwayinka