Deitrick Haddon – To Be Like Jesus – Download


Deitrick Haddon – To Be Like Jesus

Deitrick Haddon‘s new song “Be Like Jesus” already had us moving our feet and bobbing our heads in praise when it came out. With this song, the “Preachers Of L.A.” cast member sheds light on the judgement he receives for doing reality TV. But his response with this inspiring and funky upbeat is perfect!

Well now, Deitrick has got a video to go with that response, and it’s just as uplifting as the song itself. Check out the video to see him celebrate his efforts to be like Jesus, alongside some gorgeous sunshine and some adorable dancing children!


Deitrick Haddon

To Be Like Jesus

Let’s get ’em

I wanna be like Jesus 2x

I wanna be – in the air
Put your hands in the air

She said “Are you that preacher of LA?”
I said “Yes ma’am, is everything ok?”
She said “Come over here, I got

something to say
You shouldn’t be on TV acting that way”

I said “Whoa, you rather I be fake
Want me to act like I don’t make mistakes
Sorry, ma’am I ain’t cut that way
I gotta keep it 100 all day
And your attitude is worst than mine,
And you can be a little bit more kind

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