No Shortcut to Success


We can succeed in whatever good we do. God has given us the power to be prosperous, it’s in us but the problem is that we haven’t discovered it or rather we don’t believe it.

The moment you discover that power, you will start seeing life differently. Most people have the mindset that after a child graduates from the University, the next step is to start looking for job and when they don’t get one, they start blaming the government.

Your education doesn’t guarantee you a job, the sole aim of Western education is to enable you to read and write. You can get all the degrees in life and still remain poor. Education is just to give you ideas and it’s left to you putting these ideas together and making them work.

These jobs we are looking for were created by people like you and me, assuming those people were like us, how would these jobs be created. We keep blaming government for everything we are facing but the funniest thing is that the more you keep blaming others for your misfortunes, the more time you keep wasting.

Everybody wants to get a job but how many people wants to create jobs and start employing? You don’t need to have heaven and earth to create a job for yourself, No. You start small, think big and grow big. Read about those who are successful today, they all started small.

To be a success in whatever you do, you need to change your negative  mindset, start seeing it in a positive way even if it isn’t going well initially but keep picturing the big picture, speak positivity, think positive and before you know it, it will blossom.

Success is just like the story of the farmer of the Chinese Bamboo Tree, its a process that needs time, it doesn’t happen over night. The problem with us is that we want quick money that’s why some of us fall into wrong hands and schemes. Note it, there is no SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS. As a guide, read Joshua 1 vs 8… What is it you are dreaming of? What is it that you really want to become but you are so scared to chase it? Or have people told you that you can’t succeed if you do it? Am telling you right now that you have the power in you and nobody should tell you otherwise so Get up, pick it up and make it work.

While we look forward to more productive 2017, Let’s start making plans, set your goals and work towards achieving it…

The best time to start is now,make that decision Today!

Emy Phil